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The expression "Tuscan villas to rent" means different things to different people. The archetypal Tuscan villa is a palatial Renaissance structure, the creation of one of the ruling families of Tuscany, Italy during the 15 C. The Medici villas of Tuscany are the most famous examples. However, "Tuscan villa" also refers to more modest houses, especially the principal building on a large fattoria (farm or vineyard) and many of these are available as holiday accommodation, either in the form of hotels or as self-catering Tuscan villa vacation rentals. Some tourist agencies even apply the expression Tuscan villas to rent to any house in the Tuscan countryside that isn't an apartment. This is possibly a usage based on the distinction sometimes made between row houses and free-standing houses - "villas" - in England. However, the more widely accepted usage is that a farmhouse, even quite a large one, is a casa colonica, a form of vernacular architecture, in contrast to a villa which has been designed by an architect to be a unique structure of artistic value.

Tuscan villa

A classic Tuscan villa - Villa Vignamaggio on the road between Greve in Chianti and Lamole.

"Roman villas", in contrast, are almost always true villas and not large farm houses. These baronial structures were built initially within the confines of Rome, usually on the hillsides, but from the 18 C onwards a great many were build out in the country so that their owners could escape the summer heat of the city. A few of them are now available for short term rent and make ideal vacation accommodation for those who like comfort and privacy.

Tuscan villa

A Tuscan Casa Colonica

Renaissance Tuscan Villa

A Renaissance Tuscan Villa

Here we list some carefully selected Tuscan villas to rent, Roman villa rentals, villa hotels, restored monasteries and large case coloniche that are available for your vacation in Tuscany and the Roman Campagna.

Usually a villa must be rented for a full week, but they are also often available for Tuscan weddings and for Tuscan travel incentive and team-building events, especially networking events where wine tasting and gourmet dining are important.

Stay at the famous Villa Gamberaia
on the outskirts of Florence at Settignano, Tuscany

Accommodation at Villa Gamberaia in Florence, Italy

Stay at Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany

The famous Villa Gamberaia in Florence

Villa Gamberaia has been famous since the late 19 C for its magnificent garden and the ideal manner in which the garden integrates with the architecture of the villa. The villa originates from the 14 C and passed through several hands before its restoration was undertaken by Princess Jeanne Ghyka, between 1895 and 1925, and again by Marcello Marchi, after the depredations of WW II. Until recently, visits were limited to the grounds, but it now possible to rent luxurious self-catering vacation apartments created in buildings within the grounds or to rent the entire villa itself. The reception rooms and grounds of the villa can also be rented for events, including weddings. More about accommodation at Villa Gamberaia, Tuscany.

An exclusive boutique spa resort in Tuscany:
Vitigliano Relais and Spa near Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany

Vitigliano Relais and Spa near Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany

exclusive boutique spa resort in Tuscany

Spa room Tuscany at Vitigliano near panzano in Chianti

Vitigliano is an exclusive boutique resort offering seven luxury suites that can be rented individually or all together. With its Turkish bath, spa pool, 15 m swimming pool and fitness room, plus conference room, gourmet kitchen and private chapel, Vitigliano the perfect ambience for those who appreciate exclusivity, ecological sustainability and healthy living, and who place value on personal service of the highest level for very special family or friends get-togethers, management meetings and retreats (sport, yoga, well-being). More about Vitigliano luxury private hotel in Tuscany.

Vacation villa Podere Felceto to rent
near Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany

Tuscan Villa Villa Felceto Tuscany Tuscan villa with pool

The Tuscan villa at Podere Felceto was in fact a monastery that was converted two centuries ago into the casa colonica of a large farm. Other smaller farm buildings were build around it. Villa Felceto is now an agriturismo that accommodates up to 13 persons who have exclusive access to the large swimming pool. More about Villa Felceto, Tuscany.

Corte di Valle Tuscan Villa B&B Rooms and Apartments
near Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

Corte di Valle Tuscan villa Tuscan villa B&B rooms Bed and Breakfast rooms int a Tuscan villa

Corte di Valle offers large B&B rooms and two vacation apartments in a Tuscan villa located in the Chianti countryside at Greti, near Greve in Chianti in Tuscany. The villa has its own restaurant and swimming pool, and is famous for its saffron production. Air conditioning is available and there is a SITA bus stop right across the road. Suitable for wedding groups. More about Corte di Valle Bed and Breakfast rooms.

Villa Bordoni luxury hotel and restaurant
near Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

Villa Bordoni boutique hotel in Tuscany Villa Bordoni hotel and restaurant in Tuscany Villa Bordoni luxury hotel in Tuscany

Villa Bordoni is boutique luxury hotel located in the cool hills above Greve in Chianti in Tuscany. The villa has its own gourmet restaurant and an excellent wine cellar. The interior decoration is unique. More about Villa Bordoni Hotel and Restaurant.

Villa Le Barone Tuscan villa hotel
near Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany

Hotel villa Le Barone Tuscan villa hotel Le Barone Tuscan villa hotel in Chianti Luxurious double room at Hotel Villa Le Barone

Villa Le Barone is a classic Tuscan villa that belonged for many centuries to the family of the Della Robbia family of artists from Florence. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, with tennis court and pool. More about Villa Le Barone luxury hotel in Tuscany.


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